Thursday, 13 June 2013

Princess of Hearts

                         Princess of Hearts

         What little girl hasn't envisioned perhaps one day becoming a hailed queen or princess? It's far from uncommon to see young girl's enthralled by a daze which consists of elegant ball gowns and sparkling diamond tiaras. I remember in particular watching movies with princesses and being immensely captivated by their vast collection of jewels as well as their noted fairness in looks. Perhaps we can thank The Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney for all of these tiara drawn fantasies. 

               Whatever the cause may be, however, there is no glimpse of doubt attached to this well known and commonly stereotyped fondness that small girl's seem to have towards fairy-tales. With all of the enchanting tales found in various author's collections of romantic and beautifully enticing tales, it can easily be adopted, this yearning for a magical, fairy-tale ridden life... and most of us can relate to this in some way or the other, I'm sure! 

           Perhaps, we've seen too many Fairy godmother's, glass slippers, true love kisses, or perhaps we've even beheld one too many historical and seemingly glamorous events regarding the royal Princesses and Queens of either England, France, Spain, etc.. Whatever the cause may be, it's easy to fall into an endless desire for a sense of this mystical formation of happiness.

               It's no lie that we all dream of a life woven with endless pleasures and plenty of sparkling tiaras and satin ball gowns, but where can this yearning end? Perhaps we'll never float down some glossy marble staircase leading to the Bishop of Cambridge, a priceless golden crown resting upon his lap, waiting to be placed upon our brow. It must be understood, however, that God has given us all our own opportunity to reach such this high title. A title which shall provide a reward once we've reached the end in life's journey. I feel that we all have the opportunity to construct a jewel encrusted crown, a crown that shall be woven with endless acts of kindness.

           Though I can't deny that I do enjoy myself in this life here in there, indulging in all of the worldly pleasures. Also, I, like anyone else have the tendency to become drawn to the riches of this world at times.

 Once and awhile, the thought of balancing an extravagant tiara upon my head in perhaps somewhere nearer Cambridge, does sound rather appealing!

                   It is an awakening, however, when I recall the fact that, even the kings and queens of this world, despite how highly renowned they may be, are constantly touched by sorrow, just as much as anyone else in this world! In fact, this topic immediately brings me to the immediate remembrance of St. Francis of Assisi's words upon being approached by a Brother Juniper. "How happy the birds in the air, the animals in the grass, and the fish in the brook are. Father Francis, why is it that men aren't as happy as that?" the Brother, touched by inspiration inquired. "Well, brother, it is this way," St. Francis began "the birds, the animals and the fish are made for this world; that is why they are so happy. Men are not made for this world; that is why they cannot be happy here." 

                That is why, I feel that all of us need to start weaving our Heavenly crowns with each and every act of kindness, all for the love of God. I like to compare this constructing of this spiritual crown to the chains of Jacob Marley in Charles Dicken's "The Christmas Carol". Don't you recall his seemingly endless rope of chains, all clasped together by some wicked and selfish deed he'd been responsible for in his life?


Well, I feel that, the same can be said for our spiritual crowns, all of the ornate jewels earned from a series of good deeds! I like to pretend that with every act of love and kindness, I have earned yet another precious jewel to add to my crown! 

                By doing these charitable things, it'll be found, that you shall become a most beautiful existence, inside and out! So, let's forget these shallow yearnings for thrones of earthly metals, and start preparing ourselves for our ranks as a Saint in Heaven. Perhaps, people grow weary of my constant bicker about such things, and I know that I have urged that we all begin to start thinking more of our souls and looking towards Heaven millions of times before already, however I feel that, in this day and age especially, there are very few people who still remember charity, and the importance of keeping a beautiful soul.


                      I yearn for these days to change, and hope to, little by little encourage everyone to act in a manner more pleasing to God! The world would become a much better place if all could only keep in mind the importance of spiritually nourishing deeds! So, what do I urge of you to do? Try and do something charitable for those around you, at least three times a day. You'll feel wonderful afterwards, I promise! Also, always remember how short life truly is, and dream about the reward that awaits us in heaven instead!

                       That's not to say that you ought not ever enjoy your diamonds and small pleasures in life, I know I certainly do... only, be avid in keeping focused towards our true purpose in life... to become Saints. Let us all strive to become Saints, not through becoming a high ranked royal of this world, but a queen of hearts waiting to be crowned in Heaven.

    Goodnight, my princessess! <3 xoxoxo

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