Sunday, 2 June 2013

For the Love of Leopard

For the Love of Leopard

                           For this post, I shall be covering many woman's favorite fashion piece, a look achieved from the furs of none other than that of the sly and agile leopard... sometimes cheetah (either one works for me, they're both pretty darn fabulous!).

 These animals somehow have an air about them that immediately let's off a sense of femininity and glamour. It's been a well known fact, the elegance of the print for over a century, and I have a feeling that, like diamonds, the look is probably going to keep a steady place at the top of women from around the world's favorite things in the fashion category.

Below I have attached some fabulous accessory pieces... I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to spend even just a couple dollars on the immediate glamorizing accessory!:) 

1. Sunglasses: Face it, it really doesn't get any better than cat-eye sunglasses, heavily adorned with cheetah or leopard print that is! It just leaves off an immediate sense of glamour and, well... it makes everyone feel like saying "ooh la la"... at least it does me. ;) An effortlessly chic and feminine look laced heavily with ample amounts of glamour and pizzazz... that's the only way to put it!

Links! <3 xoxo'amadora'_sunglasses:684320&cm_pla=eyewear:women:sunglasses&cm_ven=Linkshare&siteId=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-n_Xvk08bjZn8IgvQBjSB0Q,default,pd.html?source=PJ_AD:Z:LCB&affiliateId=2845&clickId=619388863&affiliateCustomId=ab65c5f526ff47d3aab99755c9d85709&cm_mmc=pepperjam-_-Text-_-DeepLink-_-85036&utm_source=pepperjam&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=Text&utm_content=DeepLink&utm_term=85036!NT02tdThW29fgmDICg4GHg!/Womens-Sunglasses/QUAY-COBA-SUNGLASSES?cs=LP&utm_source=GAN&utm_medium=Polyvore&utm_campaign=Primary%20Banner&clickid=0004de3a0bbfbfc80a2a96c6e0001a50

2. Shoes: they're leopard/cheetah print shoes... what more can I say? ;);jsessionid=cvWYRs3cp2pq5dY2Py54yJqCl7Vy4GKMVQwdG5w5GJFJb6Kymcyv!1208084497!1236406363

3. Clutches: What else is there to add even more elegance and glamour to the print than a lady-like clutch, fit for a fabulous night out? ;)

Oh, yes! Before I leave, I also wanted to be sure and not forget these stunning earrings, the perfect way to subtly at leopard or cheetah to your look!

Hope you all enjoyed this post... and hopefully some of these items will end up with some of your other accessories as well! Sleep well, Beauty Queens! ;) <3 xoxoxo

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