Monday, 17 June 2013

If at First You Don't Succeed...

              If at First You Don't Succeed...

               I've been taking a new approach towards life these days. It seems to be working extraordinarily well! It's a well-known tactic, one that is often passed from generation to generation disguised by the playful riddle-like saying; "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." It's a simple bit of advice, one that we are well aware of, I'm sure, or have at least heard a handful of times in our lives.
           However, like most other quotes from our childhood, we seem to have the strange tendency to merely hang on to the remembrance of the words and not think too deeply about their substance. Have you ever just taken some old bit of wisdom an adult might have relayed to you as a child, or perhaps some favorite fable of your youth that might have incorporated valuable life lessons within it's pages and really taken a moment to dissect it? I know that once I did, I was finally able to clearly understand just how greatly I'd been lacking in this field.  

             Far too many times have I given up on dreams of mine, due to even the most minor of setbacks! When I stop to think of how many things I might have accomplished should I have just given it yet another try, it makes me realize just how important it is to never give up... on anything, and to "try, try again"! 
          For me personally, it's been a matter of staying on track, with everything. Finding a job has been a major focus for me lately, especially as I am starting to realize how nice it would be to have some money to spend! Sometimes I grow weary of searching though. I start to feel sort of incapable of nearly anything every once and awhile! Then, as usual, I am able to brush off all of my worries and fears about my capabilities or lack there of, and climb back onto the horse as the saying goes. 

                There's also always those times that make me even more vividly realize the necessity of earning money, like perhaps, when I order a drink or fast food item and realize that I am short on money. 

Then of course, there's always those instances when I happen to be window-shopping and find myself attacked by the enticing sight of something beautiful, usually glazed with glitter, and then realize that I can't buy it because, well, I don't have any money.

              Regardless of how long this job searching venture might take me, however, I know one thing is for certain... that I can never give up and must keep on trying no matter what! That's the way it tends to be with everything! In order to achieve really anything in life, you must never give up!

                  So, don't ever let anyone's negative criticism get to you. It's easier said than done for sure, but once you're able to get past caring about other people's opinions of you, then you are more than likely to succeed! Don't ever let anyone break you down, in fact, some of the biggest names in Hollywood alongside historically famous people were negatively critiqued, put down and predicted not to make it very far in their field of work, before they ended up making history. It is important to remember this, especially whenever you find yourself being criticized by someone! 

The saying also goes in regards to our "critics" in life; “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain.. and most fools do.” – Dale Carnegie

Marilyn Monroe was told that she'd "better get secretarial work or get married" while she endeavored to achieve a movie star status in Hollywood, as many never thought her capable of intriguing so many audiences on the silver screen, like she'd eventually ended up doing. 

Elvis Presley had been given a C in music class and told by his eighth grade music teacher that he'd had "no gift for singing". Little had she been aware of what a world renowned singer he'd later become, eventually landing the title the "King of Rock."

Audrey Hepburn had, in fact, been called an "ugly duckling" by the very likes of her own mother. She now exists as an icon of fashion and one of the most beautiful starlets of all time. 

Then of course, there's Walt Disney who was once criticized for "lacking imagination". We all know the ridiculousness of that entire observation! ;) 

So, with all that said, be sure to always "try, try again" and NEVER give up on your dreams, no matter what people might say!;) Goodnight!

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