Monday, 3 June 2013

Looking at the World through Rose-Colored Glasses

Looking at the World through Rose-Colored Glasses

                     Do you ever just stop for even but a moment to count your blessings, and I don't mean all of the things that you want in life and how you're going to achieve them (though it is always good to have aspirations), but  just  to stop and count all of the things that God has so kindly showered upon you already!? It seems to me that all of our blessings come and before you know it, we begin to take them fore-granted whilst distracted by some other desire that might catch our eye in this world. Before you know it, that dress that you'd been saving for at H&M will already be in your closet and long forgotten, the memory of the yearning that you had once possessed towards it entirely washed away by some other temporal desire, like a pair of ruby red pumps (a desire that'll soon be watered down by some other want) perhaps. I know I'm usually far too responsible for all of the above, but something has seemed to come over me lately. I've always been so blinded by all of the things that I don't have in life, and consistently had forgotten to take a peak into the rose-colored glasses of all of the beautiful things that God has already so generously given to me. 

                     So, in an instant, just as I'd slipped those spectacles over my once gray and dreary perceiving eyes, I saw before me an endless list of wonderful things! Sometimes, it takes awhile to realize that all of those wondrous gifts are that of which you already possess, but they are! Much to my excitement, I soon began to entirely grasp the full wonderfulness woven into the ownership which I had been granted towards the sea of blessings before me, all wholly received from God. Some I recognized from long ago, and others from maybe even a day or two previous, old and new, they were all so magnificent! And at that moment, after having beheld the beautiful and endless gifts that I'd already had stored away in my closet filled with long forgotten gifts from God, I soon saw myself, not as a pitiful existence merely wrapped in the troubles of what I don't have in life anymore, but a beloved child of God, who's been heavily blessed with gifts throughout all of the years of my life, gifts that should never have been forgotten. 
                    So, as I take a step down from my soap box, I'd just like to be sure and tell all of you beautiful souls out there, that just because you've been having a rotten day today, it doesn't mean that your whole existence has been a ruin of anguish! It is also important that, especially during these hard times, you endeavor to keep a firm grasp on the realization, in regards to the things that you've already been blessed with. It'll change your whole perception of life, I promise! So, if you're having a bad day (perhaps, you clumsily spilled your morning cup of coffee all over your lap, got a parking ticket (<--- that was me, last week), been insulted by some insecure busybody or even lost your job) never allow yourself to forget the gifts already surrounding you! Also, with troubling days, people, etc., etc.,... always be sure and simply let it roll off of your back, like a duck... 

and just, deal with it... because there are far more important things to do in life than feel bad for yourself, like perhaps, taking into consideration the blessings that have already been showered upon you!;) Take care, my beauties! 

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