Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lost in a Summertime Daze

Lost in a Summertime Daze

                   Well, hello everybody! It's been a long long time since I last posted hasn't it? Maybe you did or didn't care, but for those of you who've been waiting... here I am! Yay! Woo! Hoo! Yeah!! Throw the confetti!

            Sorry about that ^... a little excited here. 

               Now, for this post... I'm going to aim for it to be filled with a mound of summer inspirations... so, basically, there'll be lots of photos of the crystal blue waves of the ocean, beautiful exotic flowers, palm trees, etc., etc., in this post. I sit here in the blazing heat of my living room, not a drink on hand, and no fans nearer. However, through pictures I've been imagining myself relaxing on a fold up chair, my toes buried in the rough vanilla sand, cat-eye sunglasses affixed to the bridge of my nose, my hair highlighted with honey from the warm rays of  the golden sun that peak into my yellow striped umbrella, my skin a glowing bronze. 

Oh, yes, and did I mention that fruity bevera
ge in a margarita glass, shavings of ice mixed in there with the bubbling cocktail...hey, maybe a mango smoothie... (ok, yeah, we'll go with that one!) in my hands, a slice of pineapple and cherry decorating the side, (hmm... why not have the cup made with a pinneapple? sounds legit),

(ooh, and some of those adorable little paper toothpick fan thingys!)? Ok, ok... sorry, as you can tell... this heat is making me thirsty, but the whole imagery depicted above never hurt anyone, did it? Face it, we all wouldn't mind being in that setting right now, now, would we? Well, now that May's here, let's brainstorm some ideas of places to visit, as well as the most suitable fashions for the season, with a vintage twist of course! ;) 

Now, let's start off with my favorite accessory besides shoes, sunglasses! As we all are very well aware, sunglasses are a staple fashion piece, especially for this season. 

(1.) First off, here's a guide for the most suitable shades for your face shape. It is, in my opinion, extremely vital to find the perfect sunglasses for your face-shape! If you don't, well, it could definitely end up making you look like a totally different person... and, uh... not in a positive way either.

             So, learn your face-shape as well as the shades that are most fitted for you!

2. Here is my personal favorite place for finding the most adorable and vintagy shades for summer... they're also reasonably priced for sunglasses... a piece that begins to pay for itself after the many years spent on the sea-side 

Oh, yes, and of course... there's always Forever 21... they never cease to impress me with the perfection of everything they sell there! So, sparkly, so beautiful, so vintagy and so shiny. Ok, moving on here... sorry about that!

(2.) Now, for some beautiful sundresses! The enchanting elegance and all around beautifulness of this look, is by far very impassable. To me, the classic sundress always proves itself in such a lovely, sophisticated and lady-like manner of perfection.

1. First off in regards to sundresses, it, is vital that you, like sunglasses, find the perfect fit for you. No stuffing yourself into a dress too small because you simply don't want to come to reality with the fact that you are not that small of a size. Wear the right size... aim for it NEVER to be too small! It always has such an unflattering look to it when anyone chooses a dress too small in size... you tend to look like a balloon stuffed into a sock. (<-- I don't know... unusual metaphor choice, but fairly accurate.) Also, keep in mind, that the style of the dress is just as important. For some, it's more flattering to opt for a certain style, while for others, it's something entirely different! So, find out the shape of your body and match it to that. It'll look flawless... I promise! (<----kinda made a rhyme there!)

                       Last of all, don't forget to choose small enough dresses as well... you probably don't want to look frumpy, and that's sure to happen if you select something big and, well... frumpy. You'll become lost in the fabric and end up looking like a tired artist in a dump smock. (<--- another of my creative metaphors) Oh, and I lied... the last last of all, is just a simple reminder that you ought not shy away from color or patterns. Don't be afraid to wear a bright pink every once and awhile, or maybe a sundress printed with ruby red cherries, it'll make you feel and look beautiful and especially suited for summer!

Below is a link that'll lead you to a 
guide for the perfect dress for your shape! Hope it helps!:)

2. Secondly, here are some fabulous vintagy sundresses from three of my favorite retailers!


(3.) Next, on the list of fabulous summer pieces, let's talk about swimsuits. I have a particular love for vintage, retroey looks to visit the pool or beaches in!  

                      For me, and I believe that for all, it should always be one piece, they're the most modest and adorable as I've come to realize... they are also the classiest choice... so keep things classy and opt for a one piece!

                     There's a dime a dozen of youn girls out there who grace the sands of worldwide beaches in bikinis already! You'll be sure to stand out, in a lady-like elegant manner that'll immediately earn you some respect. It's easy to love the modest yet beautiful style, especially when you see pictures of vintage starlets dressed in adorable floral print bathing suits, they definitely sparked my fondness for the style!

1. Here is also, like I lectured about under the previous categories the perfect swimsuit for your body type. :) It does inclued two-piece swimsuits, but just disregard them, they're not cute in my book!;)

2. And here are my favorite sellers for adorable, modest, retro-esque bathing suits! Enjoy! <3

(3.) Last but certainly not least, sandals... who doesn't love an adorable pair of sandals for the summer?

1. Below, I have listed a search on Polyvore for sandals, there's no telling where this site will take you when it comes to shopping!

                    So, basically, If you don't want to buy something... DO NOT shop on Polyvore, they have the cutest things in fashion on there... it's wayy to tempting for a person like me!

Oh, and all of the sandal finds above are below $50!

Hope you enjoyed this well over-due post, my Beauty Queens, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. x0x0 <3

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