Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Vintage Halloween: Part 3

Vintage Halloween: Part 3

Alrighty! Here we go, the final post on vintage halloween costumes (perfect for those procrasinators who've waited until today/the day before halloween to start putting one together;)). Enjoy! 

(1.) Sabrina

Ah! Sabrina Fairchild, the character brought to life by Audrey Hepburn's flawless screen magic and breathtaking beauty. She's the perfect depiction of that ugly ducking gone all Cinderella-style! The story of agirl whose image and entire outlook on life becomes transformed by her life-changing experience in Paris while attending a school of the culinary arts. A girl who finds love in the midst of a most unexpected gentleman, a man with a heart nearly as cold as stone, no time for love... no use for places like Paris, his mind set solely on wealth and cutting a great business deal. With an overdose of society glamour and class, this costume is sure to sound off some oos and ahhs!;) 

Here is a link with Audreys glamorous (doe-like) makeup look. Take a look at some of Sabrina's look in the classic film. If you need any ideas, I've also provided a link to a Sabrina-esque lbd quest on Etsy! Enjoy!

(2.) Lucy

And then there's Lucy, the coniving, featherbrained, and scheming wife with a hunger for a place on stage or behind a camera of the famous bandleader from Cuba, Ricky Ricardo. This light-hearted and comedic costume is perfect for all of my fellow Lucy fanatics out there! So, with the links below, hopefully I'll be successful in guiding you to the perfect polka dot dress, pearl earrings, hair bow, big lashes and fiery tomato red hair! Enjoy!;)

Lucy-esque Dress Search on Etsy

Lucy-esque Makeup Look

(3.) Scarlett O'Hara

Next up is one of History's most renowned fictional characters. The young, selfish and once wealthy young girl named Scarlett. A girl who lived and suffered during the Civil War, broken by the tragic loss of her father, his wealth and his plantation. Scarlett, however, remains far from emotionally shattered as she keeps her mind glued on winning over that one man who she can never have. In the meantime, she'll live to captivate and win over the hearts of three men, a group of men who she really couldn't care any less about. Men whose pocket books are her prime motive! Her costume look is perfect for all of my "Gone With The Wind" fans out there as well as all of those fascinated by the Civil War era! Scarlett makes the perfect Southern Belle! Here's a guide to achieving her look!:)


Her dress of Drapes!;)

(4.) Comic Book Queen

In the center of retro comic books, I'm always very intrigued by a comic book artist's techniue of depicting human's, their emotion, the way the light hits their hair. Anyway, while searching on Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc., I was beyond inspired by the endless diys for comic book characters. Here's the makeup look before!

(5.) Jackie O

Ah! Jackie O, one of America's top fashion icons. A woman who's intigrity, class and elegance astounded the entire nation. Why not emulate her flawless look tomorrow evening? A perfect costume especially for all of my fashionistas out there! Check out the links below for the perfect Jackie-inspired look!;)



Also, don't forget your strands of glossy cream-colored pearls, big sunglasses and pillbox hat!

(6.) Priscilla Presley

Yes! The wife of the king of rock... Priscilla Presley's look seems to be rocketing to fame ever since Lana Del Rey's records hit the top charts! To retro fans, Lana donns Priscilla's 60's-esque look perfectly! The big hair, big lashes, thick thick thick cat-eye eyeliner, the retro styled dresses, etc. So, for all of my Lana or Elvis/Priscilla fans out there, her look is a creative and unique choice for Halloween, sure to get plenty of attention! Check out the links below for her makeup and hair look!

Also, a suggestion for attire in emulating Priscilla's look... what's better than channeling that famed wedding dress she wore while wedding the King of Rock? 

I recomend taking a look at your local Goodwill to find a dress reminiscent to hers! As for the veil, a fluffy head to toille over a glittering tiara would be perfect!

Here's a side by side of her and Lana Del Rey

(7.) Snow White

One of the most famous cartoon characters depicted by Walt Disney as the literary princess "Snow White", this classic disney illustration of her remains a timeless favorite to many! Heres a look inspired by the 1930's one dreamed up by Disney! Heres to achieving the look of the "fairest maiden in the land". "Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony." Also... you mustn't forget your poison apple either!;)

Here's Kandee's take on the look!

And here's a shopping guide for the fairytale princess' beautiful jewel-toned gown!

(8.) Coco Chanel

One of fashion's earliest pioneers as well as most notable icons and classiest of women of all time, Chanel makes for the perfect Halloween look for any fashion-dazed girl (like me;))! Follow the links below to guide you in achieving her flawlessly elegant and classy look!

Her Dress

Her Hat

Her Pearls

It looks like that's it, hopefully you enjoyed these past 3 vintage costume guides for Halloween (which is tomorrow... yikes!)! Now it's time to hurry to your nearest stores, your Walmarts, Targets and Goodwills and hunt all of the required items for your vintage-esque costume look! Ttfn, my readers!;)