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Vintage Halloween: Part 2

Vintage Halloween: Part 2

And here we are with the second post entirely on Vintage-esque Halloween costumes! Hopefully you enjoyed the first post and will enjoy this one as well!;) Also, keep an eye out for part 3!

(1.) Holly Golightly

This enduring young socialite who's character made her first debut in Truman Capote's classic novel "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and was brought to life by the timeless beauty, Audrey Hepburn (a character whose life is far from lacking in the glitz and glamour of any young socialite dwelling in the midst of NYC's busy streets) makes for the perfect costume choice for any young girl who adores Capote's literary masterpiece as well as the glamour swathed over Holly's lost and vulnerable yet lovable character!

To achieve her flawless look, the main ingredients being both elegance and glamour, take a look at the links below! Her makeup look is listed first, it's a look by Pixiewoo! And then you'll find a look shown by Krisztina's Halloween Blog, the perfect guide for obtaining her stunning fashion sense!;)



(2.) Betty Boop

One of the earliest cartoons, Betty showcased herself on the  black and white television sets in American homes. She was a character who would depict and symbolize that glamorous bimbo America would come to love in a series of Television and Hollywood personalities! I couldn't resist including her... Kandee's makeup tutorial for achieving her look was flawless, and somewhat comical. You're sure to catch your friends off guard with this costume look!;)

Click on the link for Kandee's Betty-reminiscent makeup look!

(3.) Tonto

Ah! Yes... the lovable sidekick of the Lone Ranger! Tonto remains a very popular choice for that perfect Wild West themed Halloween costume! As he made his first debut in the 1949-1957 television series, I felt that he would make a swell choice for a Vintagy Halloween look. I found an amazing tutorial on achieving the look he (portrayed by Johnny Depp) donned in the recent 2013 cinematic release. Enjoy!;)

(4.) Veronica Lake

This stunning film actress' glossy peek-a-boo waves still manage to make for a current fashion favorite after all of these years! And, in my opinion, she's the perfect choice for that Vintage-esque Halloween costume.Get ready for glamorous waves and a sparkling floor-length gown, anything reminiscent of that Classic Hollywood look!

So, head to even your local Goodwill and pick up some sequined gown, pair with an endless amount of bling and style your hair with the help of the steps below! 

Don't hold back on the glitz and glam either... remember, you're channeling one of the pioneers of Classic Hollywood's glamour girls!;) 

(5.) Sugar

One of Marilyn's most notable roles in the classic film "Some Like it Hot" in which she stars a beautiful yet feather brained blonde who becomes ensnared by the false images of two of the most recent members of an all girl's band. One of them ending up as Sugar's love interest in the end, a couple of guys in disguise as they hide from a group of viscous mob members. 

This film is both timeless and comedic! A film brought to life by Marilyn's effortless stamina and beauty as well as both Curtis and Lemmon's flawlessly comedic performance! In order to achieve her look, you'll need a black dress, a ukulele and a string of pearls! Check out this fabulous tutorial on obtaining that perfect Marilyn makeup look below!;)

That's all for now, folks!  Like I said, keep an eye out for the next one!;) 



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