Monday, 7 October 2013

joeux anniversaire/ happy birthday, brigitte!

joyeux anniversaire!

Born on September the 28th in the year 1934, a beautiful French girl was born. In her latter years she would prove herself as phenomenal in all works she aimed to excel in. She would start out a sensational ballerina. 

She would then impress the world with her enticing beauty which she contributed to her modelling career as well as her beguiling singing skills and outstanding performances as an actress. 

And in honor of her Birthday (although this post is unforgivably late!), I have compiled a list of 7 life lessons from the icon. So, in the words of Brigitte...

                          (1.) Always wear  your sunhat! 


                     (2.) Take care of all God's creatures!

(3.) Never stop experimenting with new hairstyles...

(4.) Always have music in your life!

(5.) Fashion mistakes happen to everyone, and... it's fine!

(6.) The best remedy for a long day is to put your feet up and just relax! 

(7.) Classic nautical tees will always make you look fabulous!

So, despite the fact that I'm a few days late... (her Birthday was on the 28th of September, as I stated earlier) ... let's take a moment to wish this legendary beauty queen a Happy Birthday/ Joyeux Anniversaire! xoxo <3 ~ Erin

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