Monday, 7 October 2013

From Dream to Memory

                      From Dream to Memory

              The days tend to grow dim, and the once tangerine skies of my spirit seem to become swallowed by a thick shroud of ebony, the only sign of light existing in the heart of the numerous diamond-like stars loosely strewn about the sky. I become frightened, frightened that the feint gleam of the sparse rays of starlight should remain my only offering of luminosity, my only taste of the light that has been robbed from my spirit.

But then, it returns... my once fiery yearning and most unbreakable bout of faith that someday, my dreams will indeed become a reality. That despite all of the viruses of hopelessness I may often be plagued with, nor the endless hazes of darkness that tend to diminish with the sting of my ever glowing determination, I shall again find myself as that little girl again! That same little girl who once knew for certain that dreams aren't only some mystical place one visits in the midst of a late night's slumber, but a glistening possibility of your destiny for the future. For a possible reality intended for the days to come, should you contribute endless douses of both determination and strength!

And then, I rejuvenate my once certain idea, that dreams aren't just places to visit before waking up to a morning's work, but soft whispers of what could be, of what you are capable of achieving in life should you set your mind and heart to it fully. And although our dreams may seem well over a thousand miles away, we ought to never cease to endure the obstacle infested road leading to them. Or keep in mind that mountains simply cannot be moved in a day's work, but remembering that with every step towards your destination, you are that much closer!

             So, keep on going, keep on dreaming... you're journey's not over yet! But most importantly, never let the spark entangled in all of our wildest dreams dim, don't ever give up! Don't die with dreams... die with memories!

"I used to look out on the Hollywood night- there must be thousands of other girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I'm not going to worry about them. I'm dreaming the hardest." ~ Marilyn Monroe 

So, keep on dreaming and then one day, just wait and see... you'll be watching in awe, as your dreams are transformed into sparkling realities! Have a fabulous Monday, Lovelies! xoxo ~ Erin <3

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