Sunday, 13 October 2013

That Old School Glamour

               That Old School Glamour


Muah! Kiss into the camera, lift your hand high over your brow and wave. Resituate the cream stole of fur draped over your shoulders, let those diamond chandeliers glisten brightly as they dangle from your ears. These descriptions, have most likely already taken you back to Marilyn Monroe. The way she used to speak, slow and breathy... the way she used to smile, the shadows of her lashes etched over the highest points of her cheekbone. I suppose, the Oscars, Grammys and other high profile events in Hollywood have still managed to keep a considerable hold on the some of the glamour that used to exist during her time. But then again, nobody has been able to do it quite like Miss Monroe, Miss Harlow, Rita, Lana, Marlene, Greta, Gene, Ava, etc. And quite honestly, I don't believe they ever will!

But, then again... maybe you'll call me old fashioned or perhaps caught up in the past, my vision blinded by the silver screen. Just the same, however... I know that many are just as intrigued as me out there, by the glamour of the early years in Hollywood, the 20's/ The Golden Age all the way through the 50's that is. 

Ah! Yes... those were the days when it was the thing to garb oneself in pearls, diamonds, fur or adorn one's face with winged eyelashes, crimson stained lips and satiny curls. Those were the days of true beauty and flawless glamour! The days that celebrated femninity with vibrant pinks, glittering strings of diamonds... the days of elegant dresses galore!

So, with all that said... I have compiled a short shopping guide of some fashion picks reminiscent of that old Hollywood Glamour. Enjoy, darlings!;) 

Faux Fur Stole


Cat Eye Sunglasses


Chandelier Earrings


Leopard Chiffon Scarf Sweater


Black Bow Heels


Leopard Print Beret


Satin Gloves


Little Black Dress


Hopefully this article inspired you to add some more Old School Glamour to your wardrobe! ;) Bring out your inner Harlow or Marilyn! Have a fabulous Sunday! xoxo 

~ Erin <3

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