Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lettuce or Coca-Cola?

Lettuce or Coca-Cola?

Today, I caught myself driving downtown, an appetite as vast as an elephant. After parking and visiting the charming little shops etched along the busy streets, I became immediately enticed by a clear jar filled with buttery yellow, posy pink and minty blue colored taffies. I'd intended to lead a day filled with salads and water, perhaps some zero calorie drink... but with my hunger-induced impulse, I reached out my fingers for a taffy, unwrapped it from it's wax paper rapper and savored it. Well, yes... I suppose I could have stopped with that... just one taffy never hurt anyone, but with this little splurge, I became all the more wanting of more and more sugary treats... the unhealthy kind that tip the scale. "I'll start my diet up again tomorrow!" I whispered to myself as I entered into a chocolate shop, a glass casing that displayed endless shelves of creamy truffles and milk chocolate dipped cherries and cookies right next to the door. 

I hesitated for a few minutes, but soon found myself clutching a crisp paper bag with a couple of fancy truffles inside, eager to devour them. But that's not all! No, driving home I suddenly felt a pull on me as my eyes caught glimpse of the mango and coral lettering on the "Dunkin Donuts" sign just minutes away from my house. "A coffee... that's what I'll have." I repeated to myself as I walked into the espresso perfumed shop, shelves and shelves of freshly made donuts, vibrant glazes with rainbow-colored sprinkles swathed over them. "I'll take... err..." I stuttered as I made my way to the counter. "I-I'll have a medium iced vanilla latte and... hmm... a lemon filled donut and a pumpkin filled one as well." "Did I really just order that?" I immediately pondered to myself. The smooth lemony filling of the donut, however, immediately dimmed any guilt I may have possessed. Oh, and so did the white ruffles of whipped cream that topped my coffee, as well as the rich caramel drizzle strung over it. Yeah... I suppose it was well worth it in the end. Oh, and guess what... I don't even feel the tiniest bit bad about it. Well, maybe a little... but definitely not as much as I used to. 

Yes, yes... I'll admit... I did struggle a lot with the hounding tug of the media... caught up with this false illusion of what I thought you had to look like in order to fit into society at one time. And yes...  I may have been very frugal in regards to my diet, as well as very particular about what I'd wanted the scale to read. I'm not going to lie... it was... very torturous to say the least! On the other hand, though... that's all over with! I don't care anymore. Life is so much cheerier when you're not obsessing over something so little. No more scale, and yet... no eating unhealthily either. All you have to do is just stay away from any fatty foods as much as possible... no donuts every day, but no detoxes every day either! Just live... live and lead a healthy lifestyle!

          I'm for every body type out there... from the petite Audrey Hepburns to the curvaceous Marilyn Monroes! If only all women could just learn to accept their body makeup! Just be happy with the way God made them. Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, their body types immensely diverse were still equally beautiful women! So, today... I'd like to help all of the Marilyn's out there, the ones aiming to become a size 1 or 0 when they were never intended to be that small, learn to accept and celebrate the body type that they were born with! Here's a list of my top six curvaceous beauties of all time!

(1.) Marilyn Monroe

(2.) Christina Henricks

(3.) Brigitte Bardot

(4.) Scarlett Johansson

(5.) Sophia Loren

(6.) Elizabeth Taylor

To conclude this post... just remember that you are beautiful just the way you are! Never try and be something your not! So... yes... it is alright to have a donut or two here and there. 

Life's too short to obsess over silly little things like that! Don't overeat and don't under-eat either... eat when you're hungry and you'll end up being the size God intended you to be! You'll be at your most gorgeous if you follow those steps!;) Have a great Tuesday, Beauty Queens! xoxoxo. <3


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