Thursday, 17 October 2013

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

A year ago, my heart would've shattered like a glass bulb if ever told that you'd be long gone by the same time next year. Now, it hurts... I can't deny, but I suppose the reality of it all is gradually beginning to blend itself into my life. I've learned to accept this painful reality. I have those days though, I won't deny... the ones where my heart can hardly fathom your painful absence. It doesn't take much to bring me back to those days last fall, why! even the tangerine and marigold leaves beacon your memory. In fact, I don't even use the perfume I used to wear that time last year... it's vibrant scent brings back a marathon of unbearable recollections. 

As for songs... those are the worse! Sometimes, craving your memory... or rather a taste of those precious days frozen in the past... I find myself ignorantly playing that one song over  and over again, each note entangled into it violently chipping away at my already sorrowed heart. I wonder if you ever think of me whenever you happen to hear that song, the melody an anthem to our story. 

The joys of our past, however, are meant only to remain in the past. You can't refrigerate a slice of cake from ages ago, eat it again and have it taste the same as it did the first time you ate it... it won't ever be quite as fresh. 

But then, what if you opened your heart for someone else, a new slice of cake... perhaps even better than the first? I never thought the day would come when something better would decide to come along, but then... here it is, and I've finally been able to let go entirely of those days once upon a time ago. It's time for a new chapter. I can already see the once dismal and faded skies that once veiled my past finally beginning to lift, whispers of butternut etched into the sky! So, here's to a new chapter, and here's for new memories! xoxo

~Erin <3

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