Sunday, 22 June 2014

Stop, Drop and Roll!

Ah! Yes! Those perfectly rolled curls, the ones that, during the 40's, indicated a woman of both elegance and sophistication! I remember envying the perfection of each ornate roll as I'd gaze upon the coifs of the leading ladies that graced the silver screen back in the 40's.


 So perfect, so polished and so elegant... and so up to date, as they're making a comeback on the heads of current models gracing the runway,

countless actresses...

and musicians have also been spotted donning this chic and classic look, proving it to be perfectly appropriate for modern day style.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to give this trendy yet classic look a whirl? Here's a tutorial below with both a tutorial on that perfect 1940's/50's Pinup hair/ Victory Rolls + the makeup tutorial for that rockabilly look by the lovely Miss Kayley Melissa as well! Ta da! Everything you need to achieve this gorgeous look right in front of you! Enjoy!

Until next time, Lovelies! xoxo ~ Erin

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