Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Spring's Return

Learning to never give up on your future. Learning to keep on believing in the beauty that has yet to come. and remembering to cherish and savor your "inner-spring".





9 months previous...

               I suppose, the briefness of even some of the most beautiful things that life has to offer, is not to be missed. Especially whilst reflecting upon the tragic stories of others. I suppose it's the tragic stories of misfortune in love that we read from early on that affixes this reality inside of us. 

There's also been those anguishing endings of some of the most notorious love stories ever to be depicted on screen that just as well, infest a familiarity with just how brief some of life's most beautiful moments can be, or how quickly some of the greatest romances can disperse into nothing more than the dusk of time.

    Even past experiences ring as a constant reminder of just how fast things can disintegrate from one's life. It somehow reminds me of catching butterflies or what ever little insects my tiny hands could clasp and trying to confine them in a jar for what (at the time) or at least what my naive brain could fathom ought to have been an eternity. I recall how reality would set in, and I'd have to let them go. I suppose those are an innocent child's earliest tampering with the grief of loss.

It also rings in astounding similarity, the metaphor of losing a beautiful relationship in comparison to the withering of a blossom upon winter's frost. 

Both the passing of the butterfly and the death of the flower serving as the perfect metaphor for such losses when it comes to relationships between human beings. I suppose the hardest part is trying to nourish the sprouting of yet another flower. Another flower to take the other's place. It's rigorous and it takes a lot of faith, like, for instance, finding love again. 

Even after losing someone. Even after bidding farewell to one's truest love after losing them through death... there's still hope for finding happiness again.

"He was 25 years my senior and eternally young. I could hardly keep up with him. He was the most energetic man I've ever known and he made our short 18 months together one of the most intensely glorious times of my life. ... I have had two great loves in my life. Mike Todd was the first." 

A short documentary on the happy marriage of Mike and Liz. The entire documentary narrated by just the two of them. 

Liz and Mike in the back of a car not long before Mike's tragic plane crash (1958)

Liz, grief-stricken and heartbroken in the back of a car on her way to Mike's funeral.

So blissful and happy together during the brief time they'd had together.

Liz with the couple's baby girl, Liza during one of Mike's home videos.

But then of course, Liz would again discover happiness with Richard Burton, whom she would later refer to as her second love, after Mike of course.

So, I suppose that goes to show, that even after one beautiful chapter in one's life has passed... there's no reason to lose hope... for there's still indeed a chance for one just as beautiful and sometimes even more!

Yes! Even a thousand times more beautiful than you could've ever imagined. 

And I think that that just might be my case at the moment. Yes! I think that even after all of this pain... these countless losses, these heartbreaking memories... a heart that I never thought could be mended again... I am indeed rediscovering happiness... in far more ways than I even my wildest dreams could've ever conjured up!

And so, I feel that I have been strengthened again, revived from that cold dark winter that I at one time had felt myself growing consumed by. For me, it's finally spring again! and my! it's even more beautiful than before... at least ten times more beautiful as a matter of fact! Life is beautiful... and I feel that I again have so much to look forward to! 

So no matter how cold of a storm you may be caught in... you must never, never give up... and always keep in mind the beautiful spring that awaits you as well!;)

~ Erin xoxo

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