Friday, 13 June 2014


Ah! happiness, one of the rarest gifts in the universe. It comes in passing moments every now and again. You know what I'm talking about? Those little moments where you get this outrageous burst of blissfulness and that smile that just won't go away! Those are moments I wish I could hold onto for an eternity... but then, I suppose the value of happiness would decrease should we become accustomed to it's presence in our lives. Like diamonds for instance... would "real diamonds" make us all that happy once we been blessed with an unprecedented access to them? No! They'd be as common to us as paper plates once were and we'd begin to take it fore-granted. I suppose that's why we need those little tunnels of darkness, to show us just how valuable those little spurts of happiness really are. Will we every be completely satisfied as far as happy goes? I can't say. Maybe happiness comes in the final hour of one's last breath, their crossing between the dimension  of the earth all the way to Heaven and all of it's indescribable beauty and wonders. I suppose in that sense, we can most assuredly say we're "finding happiness".

"I want to be happy" or "My only goal in life is to be happy"... how many times have we heard such phrases? And I suppose to some, happiness is the discovering of temporal pleasures, the having reached wealth in a financial aspect, or perhaps even the adoration from others for one's outer beauty. The other day, being as self-centered as I (a meager human) being can be, I carelessly placed on hold a $98 dress. I suppose it's incredible that something so little could spark such a deep sense of wonder inside of me. First-off, however, my mind began to race with all sorts of shallow thoughts. "Well, I'll need expensive shoes to go with the dress..." I muttered to myself as I drove home from the boutique where my exquisite sundress awaited me. "And then of course, I'll need a new handbag. The one I have will just look tacky with my new dress!" I clutched by finger between my teeth depicting my inner state of anxiety. The anxiety of... "where on earth am I going to get all the money I need to afford these things?" And then, today (payday), I clasped my crisp paycheck between my fingers, opened it to my reality. The reality that any girl with the meager benefits of what a minimum waged paycheck could possibly offer. "Well," I justified. "the dress will probably be worth it!" I reassured myself as I cashed that check and recounted my money, trying to make sense of the outrageous purchase I was about to make. "But, just how happy will this dress make me? after-all, it's only a mere piece woven with fabrics! it's not going to change my life for Pete's sake!" I dismissed and let go of the thought of that $98 dress and all of the temporary pleasures it could offer and you know something? I was relieved! I think it was with this bout faced with reality that I was able to finally realize the minimal happiness that a mere purchase has the ability to offer one. And instead, I found true happiness with the shopping for gifts for others. Father's Day of course and my sister's Birthday. Even if gifts may only be a token of just how much you care about another person... it makes me happy to think of their face expression when they pull apart the tissue paper and find the gift that I so carefully picked out for them. I could live my life giving what I can to others, whether it be: comforting them, being there for them during depressions, aiding those who are injured or struggling and even take a moment to buy someone a card or a gift to show them just how much you really care about them.

A little piece to show them of my love and affection for them. I also realized that it makes me happier shopping for others than shopping for myself. I find that I am much happier shopping for what I hope will bring happiness to my neighbor in opposition to myself. And I've found that being granted the two hands that God has given me... 

I am more than capable of helping my less fortunate neighbor. and with every passing year have grown to realize the true merit found in kind deeds or acts of charity. Or like I said, just doing simple things to make a family member or friend happy. So, no more frowning, no more contemplating on "your" troubles, selflessness is a destroyer of depression so I've found. A happy girl who gives her all to the helping of others, is by far the prettiest girl one could ever aspire to be. In opposition, that is, of any girl who wastes her time away, caught up in HER and HER OWN life, spending money on the bettering of superficial things like her outward appearance... those girls hardly compare to the woman who gives herself entirely to acts of kindness and sacrifice as well as selfless love for her neighbor, God being her # 1 priority, a woman who doesn't waste time on powders and cosmetics, doesn't spend her time cooped up in hair or nail salons and expensive boutiques to prove her beauty but lets her heart do all the talking. A beautiful soul, I think, shines through both the eyes and smile of a person and reveals far more beauty than any mascara or lipstick ever could!

So stop the focus on yourself and how you can, through cosmetics, perfect your outward appearance but focus instead, on the helping of our less fortunate neighbors. Focus on both loving and giving as much as possible. Give as much as you are capable! That's when you'll discover true happiness! Selflessness is the key, I think, to genuine happiness. 

Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves. Princess Diana - See more at:
Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves. Princess Diana - See more at:
Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves. Princess Diana - See more at:
"Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves." ~ Princess Diana

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