Friday, 18 April 2014

To Live or Not To Live

That is the question." ~ William Shakespeare <3

                        Ah! Life. What a peculiar thing. A peculiar thing with endless folds of unexpected journeys and unsolved mysteries. A journey that will bring you a variety of emotions. Sadness, melancholy, excitement, joy, bliss, laughter, amusement, excruciating grief, vast and seemingly never-ending confusions. In life, well... you ought not count on making it out alive... we both know that this journey must come to an end at some point in time. We busy ourselves with plans of things that will most likely never happen. We fancy our hearts and minds with fantasies in hopes that someday they'll come true. Yet, in the meantime, we tend to fail to live our life for what it was meant to be, the journey that God has already composed for us. It'll be a beautiful one, one that hardly needs tinkering with. Of course I'm not saying that one ought not dream, set their hopes on shooting stars, imagine that one day find ourselves living our fantasies out, no... I'm not saying that at all!

As a matter of fact, it's important to have dreams! To set goals four ourselves in life. Simple things like that are a vital component to our motivation to keep on trudging onward through life's sometimes jagged and winding road.

But then, we ought not distract ourselves from the endless beauty that God is presenting us here and now whilst losing our focus to the future and what we hope to one day make of it. Life is a beautiful thing and one ought not forget to live while allowing themselves to become imprisoned behind what he/she wishes should someday occur. For example, I can waste my time yearning for a meadow vastly blossoming with scarlet and milky white roses instead of taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the field of vibrant lavender and honey-stained wildflowers that already surrounds me!

 What a waste that would be! So, to sum up my point, I encourage you, my dear reader, to take a moment to truly cherish and savor each passing moment of the day... after all, every day is a gift and once it's passed, you can never get it back... that moment immediately vanishes deep in the midst of the past. Take the time also, to love and appreciate the people in your life... the ones that we all tend to take for granted whilst yearning for the favor of some other individual. Life's short, and before you know it... God will have called that person home and their radiance will become nothing more than a memory. 

~ Erin <3

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