Saturday, 3 May 2014


"They feel that it gives them some sort of a privilege to walk up and say anything to you!" ~ Marilyn Monroe

The words of others can be mean, the most painful of all being that they aren't true. They do, the negative ones however somewhat fester inside of one, raging a storm of self doubt. The thing, however, that our accusers, our "labelers" shall we call them are just as much to blame if not more in regards to the things they take pleasure in calling us, titling our character with, as if they have some sort of authority to do so. they don't... but that won't stop them and we all know that far too well. 

The truth is, however, that there are cruel and mean-hearted people out there who WILL endeavor to devour the beauty that every single one of us has. They'll label you with all sorts of horrible names, names that can hurt, terribly... and there's nothing you can do to stop them. 

You can, however, strive to be the best that you be, and although you can't stop people from criticising you, you CAN most certainly learn to ignore it, it's your choice whether you listen to those crippling words from others. You and only YOU can choose whether or not you'll find truth in the words of others.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"~ Eleanor Roosevelt

 You can in fact, and I feel that a lot of us forget it, block out all of the bad and choose to listen to only the good. Weed out those people, the ones who do nothing but break you down from your life and surround yourself only with the ones who build you up. Focus on you and your life, focus on helping others, learn to blur out the negative words of others by finding more important things to focus on in life. 

"Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has potential to give something back"~ Princess Diana

In the end, it's the ones who build us up and hold us together, the ones who comfort us and make us feel a sense of value that we should allow to influence and preoccupy most of our thoughts. Not the ones who cut us down and make us feel low about ourselves. After all, the world has plenty of those sorts of people, why offer them any importance in your own life? They come a dime a dozen and most definitely don't deserve to be given the time of day. 

Make your mark in life, the world WILL try and beat you down, even when you strive to be the best that you can be, they'll still insist that you are falling short no matter how hard you try. So don't worry about the commentators of today but strive to leave behind a memory, a legacy that'll live on until the end of time, the legacy of a beautiful soul, one treasured in the hearts of many. Besides, even if you feel invisible at times, know that at least God is aware of all of your kind deeds and acts of charity. Besides, as none of us make it out of this journey alive, God and eternity IS all that matters. 

As unfortunate as it may be as well, others will only really take note of your remarkability when you're gone. While your alive, as we've seen in the lives of most public figures, people will ridicule you, they'll try to emotionally destroy you. And then, when you're gone... they magically begin to care. 

People are fickle, and like the song "Let her go- Passenger" they'll "only miss the sun when it starts to snow". So be the most radiant drop of sunlight that you can possibly be. Leave a lasting memory that even the haters will grow to miss. Stay beautiful, and never let anyone's words dim your light! 

Love, Erin <3 xoxoxo

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