Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Our Own Starring Roles

It's a mutual desire that we has humans tend to have. The desire for fame that is. A burning desire for admiration from our piers. But... in the end, the public grows to expect a sort of impossibly attainable image, one inaccesspible to all of mankind. As a matter a fact, this ideal begins to infect our mind, hounding us constantly, influencing us into regarding ourselves as failures should we crumble in the midst of endeavoring to obtain this idealistic image. Of course, we all want to be wonderful...

and well-liked by everyone around us, but... wordly adoration offers nothing but heartache and despair in the end. Fame isn't as glamorous and wonderful as it may seem from afar. 

And of course, one must always keep in mind that the most important admiration comes from none other than, well firstoff and most importantly, God and then ourselves. Yes! In order to succeed and reach all of your highest goals in life, you must first earn a sense of pride and admiraiton from yourself. In the end, other's comments (although they can affect you in both negative and positive aspects at times) won't matter nearly as much as what YOU make of yourself. Don't aspire to do anything with the prime intent of obtaining, fame, you'll end up unhappy and discouraged. Strive to do what you want, and cherish the world's reaction once you've reached your goal in either singing or acting. 

"The basic essential of a great actor is that he loves himself in acting" ~ Charlie Chaplin

The press will devour you. Faced with fame, it is said that you begin to find yourself gradually growing perceived as somewhat of a machine, a sort of item belonging to the public. 

The public will break you down... if you let them. Of course, I only use fame as an example, not because either of us has ever experienced it, but because we each seem to have our own starring roles. And no matter how big and famous we may be, we still struggle with the viscious observations of our critics. We grow discouraged by the negative words of others when really... we don't have to let ourselves be broken by them. We must keep afloat, strive for our own goals. You'll never obtain anything without having failed at least once in your life. 

                            It's merely up to you how you use critisicm. Whether you choose to improve from it or not. It will break you down if you let it, it is beyond capable of doing so. But you can't, you have to learn to value and celebrate yourself as a person. You must learn the depth of your self worth. 

~ erin <3

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