Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rediscovering Happiness

Even while caught in the richest storms of gloom, never cease to lift your eyes towards the glistening sky of hope that shrouds the seemingly hopeless world in which you are bound. No matter how seemingly irreversible the pain you may be experiencing may appear to be, there is indeed hope, hope for a new beginning, and the series of unknown possibilities that await you! 

So, wipe away your tears, chin up... look towards the positive in life... and smile! Never stop smiling, laughing, joking... having a good time! It's pointless wasting your time plagued with sadness... after all, how are your tears going to help matters? Of course, I'm not saying that one ought not cry, it's good to cry every now and then... let it all out, but never allow yourself to become imprisoned by sadness!

After these painful storms, lift yourself back up from the ground and begin to relearn the beauty of life, learn to celebrate it, learn to be happy again, learn to let go of all of your obstacles, all of your excruciating heartaches! Try and be happy even when you're sad... eventually the happiness is sure to take over! Replace your ash-dusted lenses with rose-colored ones. Learn to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Learn to love, to cherish and to savor the beauty of life!

 You can be happy if you want to be... it's up to you and you only!

~ Erin <3 ;) xoxo

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