Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pretty Young Things

The world can be a cruel and frightening place. There are, all around us... vicious and cruel beings with nothing more than evil intent. They'll devour all of your beauty and all of your innocence, leaving nothing but a bruised and battered pile of remains behind. Don't be fooled by the wicked, and don't be careless when it comes to trust. There are horrible people out there who yearn to drain the beauty of a person, especially pretty young girls, like you;) so be cautious. don't give yourself to anyone unless you feel certain that this person wishes you no harm, that no wicked desires lurk inside of them. Preserve your beauty, your innocence... it was a gift from God, now cherish it. Trust is not something you can present to just anyone. People have to earn their trust. Often times, young girls are wooed by comments of flattery from young men and become thus blinded enough to spend their trust on that person, a man masked with kindness but truly nothing more than a scummy and ruthless being underneath it all. A man who'll end up offering you nothing more than heartbreak.

Ah! Yes, and as grim a picture as my words may be painting, the world can indeed prove itself as a very cold and dark place, lingering whispers of wickedness echoing throughout it, sparse remains of safe havens to escape to. But then, just because evil has become exposed to you at times, remember that there are also plenty of wonderful and beautiful souls out there! That the evil you have beheld is not the only means that makes up the universe and learn that it's just a matter of finding the right person to trust and give yourself entirely to that's the difficult part, the rockiest path to score. I find that it is also vital for one to understand that there is undoubtedly hope for achieving that perfect soulmate in the future and that the likeness is indeed very possible as amid the many black souls of the universe, there are plenty pure and magnificent human beings out there as well! I've heard it put oftentimes like this, in regards to seeking one's soulmate that is, and that would be that same scenario of a child in search of the ripest apple.

As tiresome and unfortunate as it may seem, there is a generous amount of effort required in achieving that perfectly ripe apple, a tactic effort that can oftentimes be clouded and hazed by impatience and despair for, in fact, in order to achieve this juicy sphere stained richly in a glossy coat of ruby, you must scale the tallest tree and reach the highest branch. You'll also be forced to face many detours in your climb. You'll most likely inherit plenty of black and blue bruises as well as blood gaping scrapes in the midst of this journey. But, in the end, you'll be nothing but proud of yourself for having settled on nothing more than the very best. It will prove itself worth it. Worth every single ounce of the trouble that you had been forced to face! So, don't let the wolves in disguise get the best of you. Don't settle on just anyone as a soulmate. Don't only settle on a man because he calls you pretty. Don't let the world and all of it's evil get the best of you. Don't let a broken heart cripple you. Keep holding onto the wonderful things in life and allow these many things to keep you afloat in this journey we all call life. Also, don't ever let the shadows of grimness that oftentimes aim to stain your entire being dim your sparkle as well. Keep that youthful beauty and innocence for as long as possible;) Act as if your a beautiful butterfly fleeing front he vicious devour of a hawk and just keep flying, keep flying through even the gravest of winds, all affixed to the idea of tearing you off course.

~ Erin xoxo <3 ;)

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