Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Will you be my Umbrella?

Will you be my Umbrella?

When it rains, why must it pour? A little sun-shower here and there would be nice! Yes, just a deluge of sparkling crystal droplets from a sunny sky, a sky vibrantly stained with a rich tangerine hue from the reflection of the sun's luminous rays! That would be pleasant and just the perfect amount to hydrate the heat-stricken pastures! Why can't we have more of those in life? Why do we instead find ourselves consumed in the midst of a capacious flood of raindrops, raindrops that drown the streets and force all to shield themselves from the ashen sky's wrath with umbrellas? 


When will it come? That promised ribbon of pastels, it's beauty lighting the premature sunlight which tends to follow a typical storm. And as if all that wetness, that plague of water showering from the dim clouds, the unbearable soak from all the rain provoked from the sorrowful black sky hadn't been enough... why must there have been all those roars of thunder, all those horrifying flashes of light as well? 

It's frightening... to think that the sun will never again shine! You'd think by now, after watching so many rain-showers drift back into sunny skies... that one would be able to dismiss the entire situation, hardly read into it all. That most level headed persons should immediately realize that... yes! the sun WILL indeed come out again, and that none should worry, that none should ever fear it's permanent absence! Why do we let the gloomy skies impress upon us the unethical illusion that the sky should never bounce back to it's original yellow-glazed and beaming state? 

We all need to realize and never forget that it doesn't matter how fierce, how hopeless the storm may become, that there isn't a doubt that again you shall behold brilliant cerulean skies, a fiery sphere in the midst of wispy white clouds... the warmth of the sun's fire-glossed stare beating against your skin! The storm WILL pass, and  then there'll be a rainbow... a rainbow woven with some of the most brilliant hues of lavender and cobalt! But the greatest thrill of all is yet to come! The thrill that there shall again be sunlight... a plethora of the sun's luminous rays, all shining with glee, rejoicing in the sun's long awaited return! The warmth emulated from it's golden finger tips acting as somewhat of an apology for it's seemingly eternal absence.

And even if the rainstorm should have yet to drift into night skies, skies all veiled in midnight blue, minute specks of light (the stars) radiating in the midst of the whispering glow of the late night's golden moon... the sun will indeed arrive, whether later than usual or not. My point? That although it's arrival may at times be seemingly late in coming, that you may have to first face the bitter loneliness of night, that the sun is indeed destined yet to shine once again.

                      But until that time comes, in the moments preceding the sun's return that is, you'll always have umbrellas to protect you from the overwhelming rainfall that life sometimes forces upon you! Umbrellas, in life are, in my opinion, those surrounding us, the close friends in our lives, all eager to shelter us from the furious showers of rainfall that plague those dim and seemingly hopeless phases in our lives. They symbolize those close friends who are always there for us, the ones present during even the most turbulent of storms. The ones who sustain us as we trudge through even the deepest bodies of water.

So, even when your lost in the tides of life's most excruciating phases of emotional rain and fog, there'll always be that one person out there to shield you from getting soaked, who'll promise you that there's still hope hidden beneath the storm's frigid and lifeless glare. So, cherish your friends, and always take there hand when they reach out for you... even during a hurricane, don't allow your psychological hurt encourage you to drift away from those who love you and yearn to be there for you through it all!

So, hold on tightly to the umbrellas God gives you in life. Never take them for-granted either, friends are the most resilient "umbrellas" of all. They could protect you from even the fiercest hurricane! Have a fabulous evening, Beauty Queens!! xoxo <3


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