Friday, 20 September 2013

Aspirations of an American Girl

                          Aspirations of an American Girl

             Summer glazes the once faded blonde hilltops, the land has now become swathed in a vibrant shade of emerald, it's grass riddled with droplets from the morning dew. The girls run barefoot, soaring those vast acres of land... land that came into the possession of each and every single one of us, a story attached.

But, no... not just any story, rather a tale filled with countless acts of sacrifice... sacrifices that cost many their lives, left their families with incurable voids, ones never to be filled again, their emptiness far too deep to ever be compensated for. No, perhaps you may not find it to be a pretty story. Missiles sounding in the smoke stained skies, the broken bodies of wounded soldiers strewn about the blood-swathed pastures. The price won, however, as well as the dedication and love for our country that those late soldiers had so ardently possessed, make it, in a way... a beautiful story. A story filled with true love for both God and Country!

We honor these heroes, countless days of Memorial set in our calenders. Or do we rather forget, lost in dazes, the crisp smell of barbecued pork lingering in the air. As we eat our slices of apple pie, watch the sparkling blossoms of fireworks in the sky, do we truly find ourselves pondering, in depth that is, the cost of the freedoms that we now possess today? Do we ever backtrack to the acres encrusted with white crosses, all plated with the names of late soldiers whose lives were taken in a brutal battle for our freedom. 

All for you and me! We're free, and we take it for-granted. Especially those who were born and bred in America, we don't seem to bear a true sight of what life without freedom is truly like! We've never known a life filled with hunger, poverty, spells of seemingly hopeless anguishes all caused by a selfish government. We fail to realize just how many sacrifices required in one's quest in order to obtain such a priceless gift. It was with an ocean of bloodshed that we (now American citizens) have ever been able to maintain this beautiful land! Like a precious jewel, our men fought and defended our Country, they protected her, overflowing love and courage etched into the center of their youthful hearts. 


                  Do we ever stop to think, to really fathom the countless deaths of men, many barely on the rising steps of adulthood... all for us, just so that we could score those lush green valleys, summer bliss the only occupant of our minds? All so that we could safely assume freedom as our own, never to fear the control of our enemy lands? Do we ever ponder the lives offered for our freedom... the lives that have kept our ruby striped flag fluttering high upon it's silvery pole? Or do we continue to lose sight of freedom's indescribable beauty? Perhaps, we all get lost in the rush of daily life, find ourselves complaining about insignificant things. But, why... why, did it have to come to this? I believe in the country that America used to be! There used to be a happiness which echoed vibrantly throughout the land, honor radiating from the hearts of all of America's citizens. Going back in time, during such tribulations as World War II and the Great Depression, I notice how we used to treat one another like a great big family. 

It seemed as though we truly cherished the fact that we were all American... that we all stood for the same cause. For the same country, one that we loved and truly cherished so ineffably! But now, now... people are rude and cold towards one another. All of the brotherly love that at one time beamed from a body of persons, all working together to keep in tact this beautiful Nation, seems to have dispersed. Nobody ever wakes up anymore, uttering a sigh of relief... grateful to have freedom, happy to just be able to call themselves... an American! Aware of the price paid for this freedom as well as all of the selfless acts of sacrifice involved. 


                So, let's stand together again, a strong body of people, all standing up nobly for one nation... one  nation, under God! What is there not to love about America anyway? She's a beautiful country!

So, maybe again, we'll have days when people's tolerance levels extend greater than extra long waits in line at Walmart or not having their Big Macs prepared the way they'd requested! Maybe someday, people will begin to see that there are far more important things in life to focus on! I pray that in days to come, our sacrifices will extend further than merely having to adjust the strength of our wi-fi, or getting cut-off by that shiny black sports car, a driver caught in the hustle and bustle of life on the highway! That we'll once again become the Americans that our forefathers used to be!

Men who fought in the heart of winter's coldest days, frostbit toes, and excruciating wounds, sailing down the icy rivers to meet our enemy fighters! That we'll again see the days when men are courteous, when men should again tip their hats to ladies on the streets, or open the doors for them. The days when children are once again respectful, not spoiled and lazy little tantrum throwers. When women are again dignified and classy, birdcage veils over their brows as well as dainty white gloves over their delicate hands. Maybe some day us Americans will go back to the days when people were able to slow down and just cherish the beauty of life, to savor the simple things... to celebrate the fact that we are free! To honor the lives offered for this valuable gift, the costly yet wonderful gift of our freedom!

So, in the midst of even your most leisurely days, never cease to take even a moment out of your day to be thankful and honor the lives offered for you, for your freedom and for your country! Pray for your country! Slow down and thank God for letting you be brought into this beautiful country. Sit on the front porch with your family on Sunday afternoons, put away your iPhone for awhile and visit, visit in the company of close family and friends. Savor some Coke and perhaps some apple pie? 

Watch the fireworks during the late hours of Independence day, think about how lucky you are to be an American. Thank God and our Soldiers for the beautiful land we are able to call our own. For the freedom obtained in the midst of severe bloodshed, countless lives lost! Realize that there are more important things in life than the minor struggles brought on from day to day life! Be proud to call yourself... an American! I am an American Girl... and I am proud! So, God Bless America!! xoxo

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