Thursday, 26 September 2013

Just Cruise!

Just Cruise!

How do you drive when you have no map, no sense of direction to guide you? A mind all clouded in hazy fogs, doused in an ocean of untamed thoughts. Each one laced with careless whimsies, aching aspirations for the future... no sense of logic to yield it. And yet, I keep on driving. I drive into the sunset, the cobalt skies now doused in vibrant hues of mango and coral, both bleeding into one another like watercolors. I begin to shutter at the realization that nightfall will be coming shortly. I'll admit that, with nightfall, I become somewhat terrified. I dread it when the skies begin to grow inescapably grim! 

It seems as if an ebony veil begins to shroud itself over the city, the only sites visible along the way, the tall neon lit signs that are typically plastered over tired peach adobe-like motels.

At times, it seems as if I'm the only driver, my car the only wheels to journey the empty and winding roads, their surface weathered and faded. Sometimes, its almost as if there's no other sign of life present for at least 5 miles away! But then, standing at the edge of the road, you discover some lost soul clamoring to ride along with you. You don't refuse them... how could you? Their presence would compensate for all of the loneliness, the hopeless desolation that seems to swathe itself over the vacant road that you, a lone driver have been traveling. But then... and most unfortunately, their true colors are short in surfacing. And with a blink of an eye, you find yourself beholding in a tragedy-etched daze, as the silhouette of the same exact person you'd hoped would be yours forever becomes gradually submerged into the blazing salmon pink sunset.

Oh, well... perhaps its better that he left, you never did like the way he used to whistle, not to mention his countless other collection of bad habits! But then, his company was so wonderful... almost as warm as a fresh batch of smooth hot chocolate laced with ruffles of whipped cream. That's what it was... sweet and warm! And you miss that... how you miss that!

But then its time to let go, time to take full flight on your own, so you rev up the engine and drive... just drive, drive until the sun begins to ascend back into the sky. You'll probably miss him forever... but, you haven't any time for spells of sentiment... its time to move on. 

You must keep on going if you ever want to reach the finish line! And along the way, who knows... you may just find another someone to lift that shadow of the frigid night, someone to take the wheel for you when your weary. So, drive... drive and follow the road that God has arranged for you. But be sure that you never drive too fast! You ought not forget to gaze upon the exquisite scenery around you... it becomes dispersed far too quickly! So, savor it... savor that open road, don't drive too fast and don't drive too slow either! Driving too slow or caught up in the days of your past... you'll soon find yourself abandoned at the beginnings of an unfinished race ahead. So... just cruise! 

xoxo Have a fabulous night! xoxo 


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