Friday, 29 April 2016

Knowing Happiness

                         I know it's become so cliché to state that you can be happy if you choose to be. But, however familiar this sayings may be, it holds an undoubted sense of significance to our lives. Happiness is obviously something that may be induced from situations that offer senses of joy, however such situations may be easily objected by a closed and depressed mindset. Too often to we allow our minds to remain clouded with the ashen clouds of sorrow that we forget to welcome and savor the little blessings that may come our way. We dim any form of light driven from the prospects of happiness with the density of our own gloom. 

If only we could all learn to cherish even the tiniest glimpses of beauty that life has to offer. If only we could all see how wonderful life really is and that each day is a blessing! I feel that if we all learned to live as if each day were our last, we would regard each passing moment as a gift from God and learn to treasure life to its fullest in hopes to retrieve the richest lives possible should our end arrive sooner than anticipated.

               It happens everyday, everyday a series of people die young. Die before planned. Ask yourself, if you were to fall under that category today, fall under the category of just another person who died unexpectedly... how you would be remembered? Would your kin recall you as the kind and lovable person we all yearn to be regarded as? Would you be the person who learned to express gratitude towards every warm blessing God sent your way, the person who strived to brighten the lives of those around you? Or would you be remembered as a bitter and angry person? An individual consumed by a hopeless quest to retrieve a false perception of happiness? Did you fail to appreciate the countless opportunities for happiness showered upon you due to this blindness? 

If asked if you had lived your life to the fullest up until today, would you be able to answer with a simple yes or a no? 

Did you appreciate the small things life had to offer? Did you find the time to sit back and take it all in? To absorb all the wonder and awe of this short life? Did you go out of your way to bring someone else happiness instead of merely searching for your own? Have you adorned your canvas of life with the intricate designs of kindness and joy? Or have you kept it blank whilst searching for a happiness far from obtainable? I always encourage chasing for one's dreams, striving to achieve something better out of life however, we still need to learn to enjoy the ride along the way and take the time to savor each precious moment. 

“Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.” 
~Jack Layton


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