Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Value of Self-Assurance

"Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I'm Possible"~ Audrey Hepburn

The Value of Self-Assurance

Learning to Believe in Ourselves

                            I might as well coat the saying in caps lock, maybe then I'll be able to denote the value of this three worded bit of advice! But then, perhaps the saying has grown too cliché  for anyone to really care anymore. Maybe it's become worn out, a mere whisper, like the ashen cobalt of a pair of once vibrant sapphire jeans, the weathering of time causing us to forget it's radiance. I suppose one can easily compare the tattered affect left behind by overuse to the washing machine and the pair of blue jeans. Maybe a few gallons less of laundry detergent could've prevented the color from dispersing. I suppose, however, that overuse and abuse can't be the only factors to blame in the sayings' dimming. Obviously these factors dictate the fact that it has become spread too thin. Sort of like a three inch square of butter spread over a dozen pieces of toast... it can only go so far and bear but a certain density on each slice. Like a child over indulging in candy, the sweetness, the delightfullness of the flavor diminishing with the queasy affect that gluttony can leave on every one of it's victims. Maybe that's what it was that destroyed the value of this saying... gluttony. But then, perhaps it's currently hackneyed status can also be blamed on the weather and toll that time can have on anyone and anything! Either way, however, there's no denying how clichéd the term has grown throughout a series overdoses and negative effects brought on by age. But then, I suppose nothing can lose it's true beauty, it's true worth, even despite it's withered appearance. Maybe, like the pair of discolored blue jeans, we merely have to look closer to understand it's beauty. Perhaps we ought to study deeper into it, truly dissect it to understand the genuine advantages woven inside of it. It's almost like looking deeply into the denim to spot those soft whispers of sapphire concealing themselves beneath the wear and tear of old age. Ah! yes... and now, here it is, that overused saying I've been rambling about, to... '"BELIEVE IN YOURSELF".

"Always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will, Sweetie?"~Marilyn Monroe

It's a saying that moms, dads, aunt, uncles and grandparents repeat over and over to us while we struggle in the midst of our teen years and early adulthood. I suppose that due to the fact of hearing it so frequently we grow accustomed to merely nodding our heads, agreeing to it and then sweeping it back under the rug, we grow programmed to lose sight of it's real importance. One thing, however, that we must ask ourselves is... "Do and have I genuinely believed in myself throughout the years?"and "Did I miss any opportunities of obtaining a higher place in life, a greater stature of success due to the underestimation of my own capabilities?" Well, have you? I know I have! And far too many times at that! So, in conclusion to this thought, I want you to always remember the first and most vital ingredients towards the road of both achievement and success, to... "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF". In the end, after pleasing God at all times, our sole purpose in life exists primarily in our state of self-satisfaction, the outlook we bear on our purpose in life. An unhappy person is most likely disheartened due to the death of his self-worth, his inspiration to keep on chasing after his dreams. When one gives up on himself... life becomes far from worth living.

You see, in reaching for the stars at all times and never growing discouraged by the seemingly trillion mile distant from those glittering diamond-like spheres spread about that velvety onyx sky, our hope will never dim, our self-worth will never fade and die. Success also exists in the strength to believe that you CAN while all others tell you that you can't. So, never stop chasing after your dreams, never grow discouraged, but, most importantly... BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


xoxo ~Erin

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