Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ridding Ourselves of Vanity

                Ridding Ourselves of Vanity 

              Being vain is something that us women can be very accustomed to at times. "Does this dress make me look fat?" "Do I look alright in this color?" and so and and so forth. Don't even try to deny it, it's something that pretty much every woman resorts to at times! Perhaps in hopes to erase any doubts or insecurities woven into the fear of being not perfect enough for the public eye to behold? It's good to want to look nice! It really is! In fact, as you know, the last article was on the importance of dressing presentably! It is also vital that we remember to value the art of fashion! However, now I feel it important to address a well-known drawback found in most women... vanity. 
                   When you put it into perspective... you're never truly going to be happy with yourself, there's always some imperfection that's bound to get in the way of an entire sense of confidence! Even some of the most beautiful and radiant starlets of the silver screen had been far from aware of their beauty. Marilyn Monroe had spent hours to have her makeup done and often struggled with a number of insecurities about her appearance!

"No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told that they're pretty, even if they aren't." ~ Marilyn Monroe 

                I suppose you could consider this post as sort of a reminder of the full amount of vanity attached to, well... vanity! "I'm so ugly!" I used to sometimes insecurely utter in the presence of my mom. A statement which she addressed with the same response each and every single time "You're not ugly, but you should worry more about your soul. Perhaps focusing on the happiness of others would get rid of any insecurities about your "looks"!" 


 At the time I sort of brushed it off "Yeah, yeah... I know" but now, I think that I fully am able to see what she meant. 
                So, I suppose, the point I am attempting to make is that beauty is truly a vain matter in life, especially in comparison to all of the other things that we could be occupying ourselves with! By putting others first, for example, and by doing so, I feel that you are able to let go of the tragic hold inflicted by vanity, and are able to show kindness and love, both of which nourish the soul. So, by doing so, we shall find ourselves able to keep things in balance, meaning that we shall be influenced to care about both, and not so much about the shallowness of outer beauty, as our minds usually tend to obsess over at times. 


                As for the importance of "nourishing one's soul", we all know that we ought to provide the proper nourishment for the health of our bodies, but we must also be avid in remaining aware of the vitality of maintaining a "beautiful soul". Without a beautiful soul, all skin deep beauty can easily be forgotten. How many times have you seen physically beautiful young ladies and been immediately turned off by, perhaps, their rude mannerisms and unkindness towards others? 

                So, what I am trying to say in this article primarily is that we should take some time and close up our cosmetic bags for awhile, step away from the mirror and perhaps practice some charitable acts towards our neighbor! 

               By doing something kind for others (like my mom had so often urged) you will instantly find yourself far from consumed in the shallowness of "outer beauty", but in the carefulness to provide happiness for others, an act that shall beautify one's soul instantaneously!


Last of all, and most importantly, I have attached a quote from the greatest role model of charitable deeds! <3

               Always remember to practice charity avidly, and to hopefully rid yourself of any vain thoughts, and perhaps one day, you'll find yourself at peace and happier than ever, as you shall have fulfilled your true purpose on earth, to practice the will of God.

Have a wonderful evening, my fabulous readers!;) xoxoxo <3

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